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Sherelle Kitchen

Sherelle Kitchen is a poet and spoken word artist. She discovered her love of writing at the age of 11, and knew immediately that she wanted to share her gift. From a young age into adulthood, Sherelle built her view of the world from a unique and creative set of lenses. Piece-by-piece, she not only reveals intimate parts of herself in her writing, but also challenges others to uncover their true selves through motivation and empowerment. She is a mirror to so many other's truths, and wants nothing more than to help those who are afraid to express themselves authentically. Sherelle finds power in three words "Emancipation," "Strength" and "Transformation." It is these three words that are meaningful to her in that through self-introspection she has been able to free herself from the weight and bondage of fitting into societal boxes, labels and views, realizing that her experiences have not and do not make her a victim but are a reflection of her strength and ability to endure and that every day is an opportunity for her to transform into the woman she is meant to become. She is ever growing and ever changing.
This book "Salted Wounds, Scars and Tattoos: Bleeding from the Inside Out" describes her journey of becoming a woman and the rawness of how she survived and is still in the process of spreading her wings and becoming all that she is supposed to be in the face of her past and unforeseen future adversities.
Sherelle was born and raised in Albany, New York and currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.