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A second chance at love (Pulsations series Book 3)

Kevin and Rich have both experienced heartbreak and disloyal partners in their most recent relationships. Although it may seem like they have it all, when it comes to relationships, Kevin and Rich can’t seem to catch a break. In the last two novels we got to see Kevin fall in love with Brittany and Rich tie the knot with Melissa, only to find betrayal after searching for love and commitment.
In this third series of Pulsations of a Heartbeat we get to see the story continue from Brittany’s perspective. Brittany is a former exotic dancer who had big dreams of finishing school and owning her own spa one day.
While dating Kevin, he put her in a position to leave the strip club, and finish school so she could have exactly what she wanted. Now single and reaching success with her new spa called The Sanctuary, change is coming Brittany’s way whether she’s ready or not.

As her life transitions into this new journey she can’t help but feel like something’s missing. It has always been easy to get a man with money, but it’s hard to find someone who really loves you for you. Will Brittany take a second chance at love? Or will her old player habits die hard?


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